A Bran New Me


Caetla is, since its start as a Nightwear & lingerie manufacturer in 1974, “a woman’s dream in reality”. That is the basic philosophy. Always grasping high-quality materials, creating products that thoroughly pursue the best craftmanship sense in every product it makes.

And with a great feeling of making things with delicate sensibility and superior technology, unique to the excitement of Japanese weaving dreams, one by one, each product is the “artist’s thoughts” rather than “manufacturing”.


Devoted to high quality, providing products of high sensitivity, mass production is not taken.

Because the production process is abundantly decorated with lace and motifs in delicate materials, it is significantly more important to put attention to details. Sewn from cut, lace-dyed, brush dyed motifs, flower making, beads, and the washing process, turns thought to product by the buildup of handcrafts = craftsmanship. We deliver our dreams to our customers.